Sunday, February 1, 2009

Feature -Patrick Romero

Patrick Romero is an LA-based photographer I found via his Flickr stream (I strongly disagree with those who think good photography cannot be found on that site).

Patrick was in the Tim Barber curate show, "Various Photographs" and has a photo in the Humble Arts online exhibition #23.

He just did a final post expressing his frustration with the fine art world on his blog, which has caused him to turn his focus to editorial work, which is fine and the editorial world is respectable indeed and could benefit from his perspective but a part of me is sad when I see these frustrations lead to a good photographer turn away from fine art. The internet and blogosphere was supposed to democratize things a bit more, but sometimes it feels like we've just added a few more gatekeepers, which is why I have an overwhelming 40 or so blogs on my reader to try to absorb as much as I can, though we all know the ones that "count."

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