Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Decisions, decisions...

So tomorrow offers you two excellent (and free) photo related options and you will unfortunately have to decide between the two.

Option one is the opening reception for Tierney Gearon's newest series, Explosure, which will be shown at ACE Gallery. Sure to be a great opening from 7-9pm. Invite here. These are evidently double exposures done in camera (no PS) and while I can't quite grasp how this is the case after having seen some of the prints at Photo LA, the work is quite impressive.

Copyright Tierney Gearon

Option two is a conversation between Charlotte Cotton, photography curator at LACMA and Michael Fried, influential art critic, historian and professor at Johns Hopkins. They will be discussing Fried's important new book, Why Photography Matters as Art as Never Before.

7pm Bing Theater - Free

One has to choose so I'll be at option two. If anyone would like to say hello, just drop me a line.

2 comments: said...

Was a tough choice but Option #2 for me !

Aline said...

I opted for Option#1--the work had a hard time competing with the incredible crowd. Packed to the gills with beautiful people, the work looked like jewelry on the edges of the chic and surgeried. Dying to revisit under less crowded circumstances.