Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Photo España - Descubrimientos 2009

So I try not to talk about my own work very much on here, with the intent that the blog be greater than myself and focused on West Coast photography and LA in particular, but I can't resist today. I just found out I was selected for the Photo España Descubriemientos reviews/contest so my work will be reviewed by what I think is the most impressive panel I've seen yet and one of my photos will be part of a group show that is part of the festival.

Having lived the past 3 years (and 4 total) of my life in Madrid, I'm super excited to be going back and to be part of this amazing celebration ofo photography, which I've immensly enjoyed over the years.

Head over to website to view the other photographers participating in Descubrimientos.


Unknown said...

Congratulations!!!!! i'll be there too!

alisa resnik

Anonymous said...

congrats man !

Anonymous said...

sure to be there...

thanks for the posting